About Us
Prior to starting Warehouse House Designs I spent over 20 years working for some of Brisbane's leading architectural practices. During this time I gained extensive experience in the residential housing market with exposure to a broad
range of different project types in the commercial, industrial, health and retail sectors.  However, my passion and focus
has always remained in residential house design, and it is from this belief and industry experience that
Warehouse House Designs was founded.   John Stuifzand, Director.

Design Range Concept
The design concept for the Warehouse House signiture series is modelled on the old rectangular shaped inner
city urban warehouses that can be found all around Australia.  The idea of transforming these distinctive buildings
into a modern liveable space while maintaining their character and heritage is not a new concept, and examples
of these types of renovations can be found in many rejuvenated city precincts around Australia.
However what is a new concept is the idea to take this warehouse model and reduce it to a residential
scale while maintaining the original elements of space, volume, exposed raw materials and clean aesthetic lines.  
The Warehouse House is a modernist industrial design that offers an alternative housing option for those wanting a
unique style of living. From the striking exterior facade to the minimalistic spatial qualities of the modern interior, the Warehouse House delivers a gallery feeling while maximising outdoor interaction.
The Warehouse House Design range offers the flexibility of internal design options to suit many different lifestyles.  
So whether you are looking to break into the housing market, or a professional that requires studio space to work
from home or if you require space for a growing family, we have the right home for you.

Design Options
Acheiving just the right design for your site can at times be a tricky process, so whether you are planning an existing
house extension, new custom home design or you have a narrow small lot block it is important to have the
right team working for you.  Our design range is particularly well suited to narrow small lot blocks down to a minimum
of 10 meters wide and includes 3,4 and 5 bedrooms, studio space, kitchen, media room and master bedroom retreat
options and much more.  Contact us today to find out which design option will become your dream home.

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